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Tell your brand story through video & Photo

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Meet Alex,

We develop video and photo content, strategically aimed at enhancing your brand and promoting your services or products. We aim to seamlessly integrate into your business and provide you with the assets needed to educate, entertain and build trust with your audience.

Alex Jones-Deakin
Director at JD Media

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Some recent work

“Working with JD Media has been an absolute pleasure. Alex's professionalism, creativity, and dedication to our project exceeded our expectations. From conceptualization to execution, he demonstrated a keen understanding of our needs and delivered outstanding results within our timeline. JD Media's innovative approach and attention to detail truly set them apart. We highly recommend JD Media to anyone seeking top-notch media services."

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Client: RiteSpace Constructions

Did you know RiteSpace build beautiful practices?

It was an absolute blast creating this brand video for them. It’s lively, upbeat, and truly captures the unique personalities behind the company. RiteSpace doesn’t just take their work seriously—they also know how to keep things fun and engaging.


Client: Position Property

JD Media was tasked with showcasing EVERMORE, a pinnacle of luxury in Toowong, Brisbane. Our focus: to visually narrate the story of its sophisticated architecture, 5-bedroom, 6-bathroom layout, and breathtaking views. This project is a testament to blending modern design with serenity. Experience the elegance of EVERMORE through our visual storytelling

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